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June 28, 2023

With EverC, Fortis Is Wired for Future Growth

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Fortis is an ISO/MSP in the B2B space serving industries such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), healthcare, hospitality, and retail and ecommerce. Since partnering with EverC in 2018, Fortis has scaled significantly and positioned itself for exponential growth going forward.

Why Fortis needed a merchant solution

With a fairly conservative risk tolerance and strict compliance requirements, Fortis needed a solution that would ensure they could meet requirements, while preparing the company for potential opportunities to grow their merchant portfolio.

The primary challenge for Fortis was the difficulty of web monitoring, link analysis, and transaction laundering testing of merchants through undisclosed URLs. The company also wanted the ability to remediate merchants, rather than always terminating them when issues were detected.

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Fortis chose MerchantView to quickly detect merchant risk

Fortis selected MerchantView, which uses machine learning to analyze merchant URLs and related websites for money laundering and other risk factors. The solution detects merchant risk at onboarding and provides continuous monitoring for ongoing risk prevention. MerchantView supports business growth by mitigating risk that could lead to financial loss, expensive fines and penalties, or brand damage due to negative media exposure.

Fortis risk team positioned for growth with confidence

Leveraging MerchantView, the Fortis risk team is empowered to make more informed decisions about whether to terminate or provide merchant remediation services. The end result is the ability to accept more prospective merchants, knowing that problematic behaviors will be quickly detected. “We are able to maintain peace of mind knowing that everything is being thoroughly checked off without any concerns on our end, nor do we hear problems from our regulators that check on us throughout the year,” said Danny Adame, Fortis Director of Operations/Risk.

To learn more about the Fortis-EverC partnership, download the case study today.