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June 29, 2023

EverC Introduces KYB & Screening for Adverse Media, Sanctions & PEP

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EverC Enhances Platform with KYB and Screening for Adverse Media, Sanctions, and PEP

EverC now a one-stop-shop for mitigating risk throughout the merchant lifecycle

NEW YORK CITY, NY - RELEASED TODAY EverC, a pioneer in AI-driven merchant and marketplace risk intelligence and insights, announces the launch of an automated merchant onboarding solutions suite that covers the key areas of Know Your Business (KYB), Adverse Media Monitoring, and Screening for Sanctions, Watchlists, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP.)

This suite of solutions will empower payment service providers (PSP) and acquiring banks to scale safely while protecting the business from the liability and costs associated with AML and KYB non-compliance, sanctions and adverse media attention.

By providing verification of business identity and activities at the crucial onboarding stage, EverC solutions allow payment providers and banks to stop bad actors quickly, in the initial stages. When combined with the ongoing monitoring provided by EverC MerchantView, EverC offers payment providers and acquiring banks the ability to protect against fraud risk throughout the entire merchant lifecycle.

“We’re excited to launch these products, which will help minimize loss from fraud, fines, and penalties for payment providers,” said EverC CPO Ishai Froind. “Our customers have been eager for us to roll out this capability; it’s a powerful enhancement to our existing platform, and we expect a very quick and extensive uptake for these new solutions.”

The EverC platform enables PSPs and acquiring banks to:

  • Onboard “clean” merchants quickly
  • Adjust workflows for merchants that do not pass the initial scan and pinpoint details for further investigation
  • Configure and filter risks aligned with the company’s acceptable use policy, reducing false positives
  • Automate ongoing monitoring with up-to-date data by regularly scanning and pulling updates from a variety of verified sources

Speed and customization are two of the most critical requirements for managing the merchant lifecycle, and both are hallmarks of the EverC platform. The solutions are configurable to suit risk tolerance and lines of business, delivering automated reports in under 1 minute and audited reports in under 8 minutes.

EverC solutions for Adverse Media Monitoring, and Screening for Sanctions, Watchlists, and PEP are available globally. 

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