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May 31, 2023

Introducing: Rules Customizer

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EverC Ushers in New Era in Payments Risk with Rules Customizer

New Feature Gaining Market Traction Due To Unmatched Customization Capability

NEW YORK CITY, NY -- RELEASED TODAY, EverC announced a new feature to enhance their flagship solution, MerchantView: Rules Customizer. The new feature will enable the company’s customers, Tier 1 players in the ecommerce space, to customize their risk intelligence to an unprecedented level.

Customization is a crucial element for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk in the payments industry. As payments providers scale and expand into new regions and markets, they are subject to increasingly complex threats from criminals who leverage online merchants to launder money, as well as mounting legislative pressure that is driven by those threats. Managing risk efficiently and effectively in this ever-changing environment is an ongoing challenge.

This is why the ability to customize risk assessments and make adjustments when needed is essential, according to Ishai Froind, Chief Product Officer at EverC. “By offering a high level of customization alongside machine learning technology , we allow our customers to adjust their risk assessment based on their own unique portfolio, risk appetite, and other important factors,” said Froind. “The new Rules Customizer is an example of how customization capabilities, which form the bedrock of our innovative products, can heighten the performance and precision of the risk management process, increasing operational efficiency for our customers.”

Rules Customizer equips payment service providers (PSPs) and acquiring banks with the capability to continuously monitor merchant risk based on their own unique rules and risk tolerance.

“One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to managing risk successfully. Managing risk is a dynamic process that requires equally dynamic and flexible solutions,” Froind explained.

EverC maintains a strong practice of responsive innovation, to ensure that solutions have an immediate and significant impact on industry needs and priorities. Customers have been thrilled with the new feature. J.O., a Risk Manager at Fortis Payment Solutions, stated, “We requested the ability to customize [the MerchantView solution] further, and EverC delivered the rules customizer. It's a very valuable tool.”

Rules Customizer provides customers with dynamic risk management, allowing them to pinpoint the most relevant, focused findings based on their definitions of risk, saving time and resources. When a payment provider makes a change to its merchant portfolio or shifts its risk-based approach (RBA), it’s simple to adjust the information to align with the changes.

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