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May 4, 2023

What Star Wars Character Are You in the Ecommerce Galaxy?

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Let’s take a moment to celebrate the holiday that transcends denominations, geographies, languages, and generations.


Wondering what Star Wars has to do with managing merchant and marketplace risk? Well, there are plenty of parallels. Read on to see where you land in the Star Wars galaxy.

First, let’s set the stage. Who’s running the show here?

The Republic: Ultimate Light Side. Card schemes and regulators are working to keep consumers safe. They set guidelines and pass legislation to ensure that payment providers and marketplaces stay on the light side, encouraging transparency and putting a stop to illegal or questionable practices.

The Empire: This highly sophisticated collaborative threat network is trying to take over the galaxy for nefarious purposes. They operate in the dark web, trading in dangerous items like counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Through transaction laundering, these bad actors latch onto legitimate payment channels (like Mynocks) and then funnel the money into even worse crimes.

EverC team: The Light Side

Here on the Light Side, our goal is to make ecommerce a safe and trusted place to do business. At EverC, we like to think of ourselves as Jedi masters, but we’re also technology driven. We combine artificial intelligence with human insights to help our clients fight illicit activity online.

R2D2 hold on

Merchants: A galaxy of characters

Sometimes, the ecommerce ecosystem feels a lot like Mos Eisley, that wretched hive of scum and villainy. Keep your wits about you, and rely on your Jedi masters for support. We’ll help you navigate merchant risk.

Han Solo: Sure, he was a smuggler, but he’s trying to go legit! Will you give him a chance to do the right thing? He'll probably need some guidance on rules and regulations to stay in your portfolio.

Han and Leia meme

Jawas: These secondhand sellers are a bit dodgy, so you’ll need to decide whether they can be remediated or if they need to be offboarded entirely. (This is where our data-driven risk assessments can help.)

Grogu (formerly known as “Baby Yoda”): This small seller has good intentions, but questionable listings keep popping up in their product catalog. Be sure to implement strict controls if you decide to keep them on.

mando baby yoda dont do that


Illicit actors: The Dark Side

Bad actors take on many forms, from Jabba the Hutt to Darth Vader. As a payment provider, you must do what you can to avoid risk. Implementing strong onboarding and monitoring protocols can create a force field that keeps illicit merchants from infiltrating your universe.

The Force will be with you...always

It’s a tough universe out there! But with automated risk management solutions and expert services, EverC stands ready to protect your portfolio and your platform from the dark side of ecommerce.


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