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November 4, 2022

Our Top Five Takeaways from Money20/20

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Money20/20 USA is in the books, and the EverC team had an absolute blast at this year’s conference! We were thrilled to debut our rebranded logo, look, feel, and messaging with a booth that attracted lots of excitement. One customer actually called it “a beacon of light in the crowd.” Our Marketing team was blushing! 😊 


Money20/20 also provided a rich and robust learning experience for our team. As we walked the conference (in matching EverC tee-shirts, of course) we had the opportunity to share insights with our customers and fellow players in payments and fintech. We also attended excellent panel discussions and insightful talks led by luminaries and industry leaders.  

Here are the top 5 things we learned at Money20/20 USA, 2022: 

#1 Diversity of perspective makes the future of fintech bright for everyone.  

Our VP of Marketing, Maya Barkay, joined Tiffany Haynes of Fingercheck and Brynn Ammon of Jack Henry onstage for a panel on reducing the financial disparity of women in the industry. These three powerhouse women encouraged the audience, which comprised attendees in the Money20/20 RiseUp program track, to leverage our value system, negotiate for financial parity, and establish non-negotiables that empower women to succeed on their terms.


#2 Creating customer experiences that are free of fraud (as well as friction) is a growing challenge in our market. 

Ting Zhang, US Sales Director, attended a session to learn more about the top 10 fraud trends in the past year. “The one that stood out for me was the ongoing challenge of balancing fraud prevention with customer friction, because that’s what our clients are worrying about,” said Ting. “There is a heightened need for real-time, multi-layered assessment of fraud risk, and luckily, EverC is ready to meet that need.” 

#3 Fraud prevention must be a top-down, integral part of company culture in the financial industry.  

Solutions Consultant Yoni Sofer travelled over 7,000 miles (over 11,000 km) to attend Money20/20 for the first time, finding that companies must revamp their thinking around fraud prevention: “Fraud risk prevention and compliance needs to be seen as a competitive advantage, not a cost center. If one department is pushing so hard for sales that you’re bringing in bad merchants, the whole company will lose in the end.” 

#4 The lines between online and offline lives are blurring—and that trend will continue.  

Ting-Inna-Money2020-1The keynote address by Takis Georgakopoulos, Global Head of Payments for JP Morgan Chase, held great insight for our Enterprise Account Managers. Inna Sudakova Leahu pointed out that with the emergence of new technology, including everything from smart devices to gaming to the metaverse, people want to have a digital identity that allows them to interact easily online. 

#5 Risk management has never been more important to the payments industry.  

As I spoke with our team about their top takeaways, it became even more apparent that risk management will be the key to security and success for the payments industry. And for the payments industry to continue growing along with ecommerce, there is a huge need to ensure that risk management is both safe—and scalable. EverC is ready to help.

EverC's Chief Revenue Officer, Ed Shenker, summed it up best: Money20/20 was a wonderful opportunity to share our rebrand to over 16,000 attendees, and spend time with our global team, our partners, and our existing and potential customers.

Looking forward to next year!