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September 13, 2023

EverC welcomes the Fraud Fighters

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Recently, EverC hosted a meetup for the Israeli Fraud Fighters, an organization formed by Oren Karmi, Gilit Saporta and Kim Gurvitz as a grass roots effort to help industry professionals collaborate and share knowledge on fraud prevention. It is the first group of its kind in Israel, with over 1200 members working in fraud prevention, AI, financial services, and other relevant fields.

It was a full house, as you can see!


EverC Industry Strategist Anna Pogreb, an active member of FFIL who was instrumental in bringing the group to EverC, says this group has been “amazing” for her as she works to disrupt fraud and financial crime. “It’s more than just an opportunity to catch up with colleagues, many of whom are good friends,” she said. “It’s a valuable opportunity for those of us in the industry to widen our understanding of ever-evolving multi-faceted typologies of fraud.”

The meeting gave the EverC team an opportunity to share our mission-driven approach to fraud risk management for payment providers and marketplaces. The digital age has created the perfect conditions for bad actors to thrive in the shadows, and our technology helps root them out. Risk and Payments Specialist Maya Shabi gave a talk on the impact of transaction laundering on ecommerce, with information from our whitepaper on fraud rings. She was joined by Transaction Laundering Team Leader Alana Herbst, who showed the audience how transaction laundering works, along with use cases that showed how it hits close to home.

Meital Rahamim, Risk Analyst, was glad to be reminded of the “value and significance of what we do at EverC,” and our role as part of the fraud prevention universe. “When you’re focused on daily work, it is easy to miss the essence.”

The diversity of fraud and the importance of collaboration was also a strong theme. Ron Cohen, Solutions Architect, noted that “experts from diverse industries came together and shared invaluable experiences in the battle against fraud. Fraud takes on many forms and can affect various aspects of our lives. By listening to these experts, we gained a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of fraud and the innovative strategies being employed to combat it.”

Elinor Wolff, a forensic accountant from Barlev Associates, also spoke. Wolff discussed the methodology and processes to understand financial crime, including the potential role of AI in forensic accounting. Finally, we heard from data analyst Eyal Solnik, from Lili, who talked about ways to achieve rapid success in developing fraud models.