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April 25, 2023

EverC Releases 2023 Data and Trends Report

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EverC is on a mission to keep ecommerce safe from illicit products and services. That’s why our team of industry experts is diligently on the lookout for trends that pose challenges for those who operate in the payments ecosystem.

Today’s bad actors are fast, persistent, and collaborative, often acting together in criminal networks, rather than as individuals. This unified threat can levy a disastrous impact on everyone in the ecommerce chain – from buyers, to sellers, to the banks and acquirers that enable payment processing, to the giant marketplace platforms where these legitimate entities conduct business.

At EverC, we believe outsmarting these criminal networks requires an equal level of persistence and collaboration, including the sharing of knowledge, deep insights, and relevant data. 

We’re pleased to announce the release of
our first data and trends report

The 2023 Threat Landscape: A Report on Trends in Illicit Ecommerce Activity

2023 Trends Report


Data sources

One of the primary sources for our report is evidence from our proprietary database, which contains over 7 billion web entities and 108 billion entity connections culled from our ongoing monitoring of the internet, as well as deep investigations from our team. Throughout the past year, this data was collected, researched, and analyzed by EverC industry experts. Our team also consulted key resources such as industry publications and card scheme guidelines to compile this report.


The report explores notable trends in EverC monitored ecosystems, with particular focus on how bad actors abuse the payments space through methods such as transaction laundering, often funding serious crimes. The report also details how card schemes and regulators are responding to this uptick in online crime, in order to protect consumers. We conclude with industry trends and challenges to watch out for in 2023.

Packed with data and insights, the EverC report is an essential tool to help your organization prepare for effective risk mitigation. Don’t wait—download your copy today.

2023 Trends Report