Trends in Ecommerce: Globalization and Digital Transformation
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October 27, 2022

EverC: Industry Thought Leaders

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At EverC, thought leadership is a core part of our mission. By having some of the top minds in the industry working for and with us, we can not only provide top-of-the-line risk intelligence services but also educate our clients about merchant and marketplace risk.

We have been featured in:

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Here are a few articles for your perusal:

The Digital Payment Boom: How We Can Uphold Safe Online Commerce (Forbes) – Ariel Katz, VP Finance & Strategy for EverC, talks about the post-pandemic rise of ecommerce and digital payments through the lens of emergent technologies and how those can enable a safer shopping experience for all.

How deep fakes are hurting the payments industry (PaymentsDive) – Sr. Payments Risk Analyst Robert Ellenhorn wrote a piece for PaymentsDive about the proliferation of deepfakes in the world of fraud, as well as what the horizon looks like regarding the regulatory environment for payments organizations.

Protecting Acquirers from Fraudulent Merchants (Nilson Report) – Nilson Report interviewed EverC President Ron Teicher about how MerchantView can help acquirers and PSPs with onboarding through continuous scanning and monitoring of factors that impact a merchant’s exposure to risk.

All-or-Nothing Investment Websites Used Wirecard for Card Payments (Wall Street Journal) – Wall Street Journal spoke with EverC President Ron Teicher about the ongoing Wirecard case and how the payments industry’s self-regulation left space for companies like Wirecard to spring up and launder transactions.

Major Trends Payment Organizations Should Be Prepared to Face in 2022 (PaymentsJournal) – An interview with Ron Teicher where he discusses the importance of data management, keeping an eye on the gaming industry, and how data visualization can be a significant difference-maker in the payments sector.

What's next for EverC?

This year, we are proud to be a sponsor of Money20/20, where our VP of Marketing Maya Barkay served as a panelist for a discussion on Women and Financial Disparity, from Main Street to Wall Street. The panel event is one of many informative programs that are part of Money20/20’s Do. Better. Together. RiseUP track.